Bumping about in Vienna‘s media scene

BumpIn Vienna I was introduced to a group called Assocreation. They have won an award of distinction at Ars Electronica Festival 2001 for their installation Bump.

Bump is a simple, but intriguing installation. Bump is basically a catwalk with a wooden floor. Below each plank, there is a sensor detecting when somebody steps on it. Also underneath: a pneumatic plunger that can push the board upwards. The clou: there are actuallly two catwalks, interconnected via the Internet. When a single board is stepped on on the first catwalk, the corresponding board in the second installation is pushed up, eventually synchronizing both catwalks.

If I could stay a bit longer, I would have a chance to test it myself: the group actually sets up Bump right now at Mariahilfer Straße 2. A second installation is about to be set up in Brighton next week and then the installation is about to come to life. It is going to run from Sept 18 to Oct 18, 2003. Maybe somebody in Vienna and/or Brighton might want to test it out and post a comment on how it feels. For everybody else, there is a video in QuickTime and MPEG-1 format

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