MP3 in my car

FileMaker LogoIt is 2003. I finally made MP3 available in my car. Unfortunately, if you want to get a decently designed car radio these times, you are doomed. All the devices tend to glow bright and blue and red and seem forced to animate every single frequency in the display. However, I went for a Blaupunkt Daytona MP53 which can be fed with a MP3 CD.

Even better, this feature works. I just burned a CD with iTunes and voila! I now have a cheap method of playing back up to 15 hours of music from a single audio medium. k3wl. Even better, the device provides support for an external input, so I can plug-in any iPod, PowerBook or whatever in to my car stereo. I hope this doesn‘t force me to buy expensive amplifier equipment in the end :-)

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