Arcade Clones

RotArcadeRotArcade is a one of the projects of the BlinkenArea at the upcoming Camp. RotArcade is based on the concept of PropellerClock and is essentially a cheap but clever simulator of our Blinkenlights Arcade project last year:

20 light emitting diodes spinning at about 3000 rpm will generated the illusion of a stationary (360 degrees) 512 * 20 pixel computer screen. Fast pulse width modulation will generate different shades of gray.

RotArcade is a project of Kai Gossner who did a clone of our first installation as well. XMasLights used ordinary christmas lights to simulate the installation at Haus des Lehrers.

But there is more: ArcadeMini is another clone by Sphara and Einsstein with a more traditional approach of actually driving the full set of 520 pixels (although with a 1:1 x/y ratio while Arcade actually was 1:2). The two authors also did a real Blinkenlights clone before: BlinkenMini is fully documented on the web. I expect the same to happen to the most recent project once it is finished.

These two projects will be showcased at the BlinkenArea at the Camp


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