Camp Previews

In the coming days, I will give you a preview on what to expect at the Camp by introducing a couple of speakers and the topics they are planning to talk about. While many of them are doing talks here and there and are publishing their stuff on the net, a real-life meeting like the Camp is an opportunity to come closer to both people and topics.

We have extended the general three-day-concept of hacker meetings by another day for a reason. While the first day was always a warm-up day, the second day was the most brilliant and lively one. But having to cope with dismantling and the concept of leaving just one day later always seemed awkward.

So here it is: the extra day. I hope it will contribute to an ever smoother camping and holiday experience. Remember the Camp is not only about listening to lectures and talks. It also about meeting, talking, thinking, programming, getting something done and having lots of fun in between and while doing all these things.

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