OpenAirVit: Collaboration, Celebration and Camping

AVIT LogoAVIT is a community of Video Jockeys (VJs) that unite for reality based adventures. Behind the buzzword is a very active scene of visual artists that just love to come together at any possible occasion. The AVIT home page lists various events in the USA and the UK where the movement has its strongest roots.

But they are going to join the Camp: OpenAirVit is taking visuals outside for collaboration, celebration, and camping . In their own words:

OpenAirVIT will form part of the art and beauty village – the place for the creative hackers – right next to the GIMP programmers and lots of very good live electronic musicians. We will have their own 50m2 tent for hands on training, workshops and speeches. Right in front of the tent will be the food and recreation area with some outdoor screens and a small PA system suitable as showcase for collaboration work with the musicians or whatever you feel like you want to do with it.

There is not much to add. There is of course a OpenAirVit project page on CampWiki where you can get and post more information if you are interested. In addition, there is also a forum on that invites further discussion.

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