Finally: Camp Registration Online

Oh my god. I have no clue why I tend to delay these things that much but I guess I already have a reputation for it. However: I just released the official Chaos Communication Camp 2003 Web Site and the official Camp Registration System. All XHTML Strict and CSS, of course.

It took a bit of refinement as the registration system is not using any of the SQL servers you would expect but actually an LDAP server. It is the foundation of our universal login system at the Camp that is planned to integrate a couple of useful services (including a weblog for every participant).

I am sure both the web site and the registration system need a bit more refinement. However, if you plan to come to the camp: please register and please pay in advance to help us to pay all the heavy stuff we are about to set up.

And please, fellow bloggers, spread the word!

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