Die Bayrische Hackerpost

Die Bayrische HackerpostAfter a long time, an archive of scanned copies of the german magazine „Die Bayrische Hackerpost“ („Bavarian Hacker Post“) has been posted to the web. You find it here.

Die Bayrische Hackerpost (BHP) was a one of the first hacker publications in Germany. Beginning in 1984 – the same year the Chaos Computer Club launched its magazine „Die Datenschleuder„) – a bunch of Bavarian hackers published reports on technology, the hacking scene and hacker culture. The BHP was considered to be part of the German hacker family as everybody new each other as the whole scene wasn‘t that big anyway.

The tagline of BHP read „Das Informationsblatt für den lebensbejahenden DFÜ-Benutzer“ which means something like „the information gazette for users of remote data transmission with a positive approach to life“. Sounds a bit awkward, but the term DFÜ was actually very popular back then and described all kinds of hacking activity related to BBS and the Arpanet. Funny enough, Microsoft is still using this antiquated term in their german localization for Windows.

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