Blinkenlights at Hackmeeting 2003

Hackmeeting LogoI am going to attend Hackmeeting 2003 next week. It is about to take place in Torino, Italy on the weekend of June 20th to 22nd. It is going to be my first Hackmeeting although this is already number six in a row. Hackmeeting is supposedly pretty popular: a couple of thousand hackers attend and it is a real grass-roots initiative. I am really looking forward being there.

I am going to do a talk on – you guessed it – Project Blinkenlights. Apart from the usual buzz I am going to focus much more on the underlying technology and all the other nerdy details. The talk is scheduled to be on Friday, June 20th, 2003 at 22:00h.

I will also show the documentary „Codes – Makers And Breakers“ by Jannik Splidsboel (originally presented at 18C3) which was done two years ago and shows some coverage of the Hackmeeting 2001 in Catania as well as HAL 2001.

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