FileMaker: Oh My God!

I am using FileMaker for many years now and although I do appreciate many of its features and do not see any other contender in the area of desktop databases the tool does show first signs that it‘s time has come. Not only that there hasn‘t been any significant update to it‘s user interface and that the integration into OS X is almost non-existent. It‘s programmers seem to lack basic knowledge on security as well.

A BugTraq update today reports on FileMaker handing out complete password lists to any clients connecting via TCP/IP. There is a corresponding article at FileMaker‘s web site as well. But no update. Instead, they recommend „Reducing the scenarios in which the database is shared“ and other helpless tips.

I can only hope someone will soon come up with a cool XML database based desktop database GUI application for the Mac. It can‘t be that complicated and we are going to have it anyway sooner or later.

Does anybody know about any probable alternative to FileMaker?

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