The Macintosh Web

It is so funny to see some things being named years after their birth. Weblogs have been here for so many years, but just since a three or four of them, they are known as such.

I started following the web in 1995 when I moved to Berlin to start working for ART+COM. So I was in the front row somehow as ART+COM has been one of the first ten organizations that set up a web site in Germany and the general nerdyness of the people there was rather high.

However, after the first 100 web sites came out the concept of daily blogging was starting soon. Where? In the Macintosh world. Long before the Windows world learned about editing home pages, creative writers set up nicely designed web sites with daily updates. One of the pioneers was Macintouch which is still a great resource and the format hasn‘t changed within the last five years.

I copied the concept somehow when I was taking over webmastering activity for the Chaos Computer Club. In 1997 I turned the CCC home page into a irregularly updated news portal. The concept was retained when I handed over the web site to a new web team in 2001.

The Macintosh web was really pioneering both web site design as well as the concept of Internet based publishing. Since 1990, the probably best Macintouch news source was TidBITS. First it was a mailing list only (with perfectly formatted mails!), then they extended their reach to the web. If you are into Macintouch, I can only recommend them for their style is very different to rest of the pack. Adam C. Engst won my special sympathy after speaking up in difficult times.

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