Alessandro Ludovico is talking about, an italian hacker magazine. Behind neural, there is a group of italian hackers that are also organizing Hackmeeting, the annual italian hacker meeting. They are also regular guest of the Chaos Communication Congress and – hopefully – the Chaos Communcation Camp this year. covers lots of topics on hacktivism, e-music, new media art and other cultural activities. It attacts aroung 1400 viewers per day. was one of the magazines reporting on Blinkenlights.

The talk is also mostly read from paper with accompanying web pages on the beamer. Makes difficult to follow but he is speaking quite clear and in good english.

I asked him about Hacktivism in general and what he thinks about his view on this. He explains that his view of hacktivism is more the virtual fight and not the actual active technological approach as done by the Electronic Disturbance Theatre for instance.

He is also elaborating a bit about Hackmeeting and stresses that these meetings are completely self-organized and never have an official sponsor. This is very similar to the CCC events while we have a bit more open approach (which is to be expected as our situation in Germany is not as problematic as in other countries) as long as we don‘t feel „incorporated“ by anyone. This is important for hacker meetings but makes them difficult to organize.