Missing: A project planning tool for Mac OS X

Following a small discussion on the (german) MacHackers mailing list about the obvious lack of a good project planning tool I poked a mid-size product request mail to the OmniGraffle and OmniOutliner users mailing list of OmniGroup.

It is a shame there is no good project planning software out there for the Mac. Admit it, FastTrack Schedule just doesn‘t cut it. The user interface is pure horror and therefore usuability is more than limited.

I would like to see a OmniProject done by OmniGroup. Their answer: „This is one of the ideas we kick around from time to time, but we‘re not willing or able to commit to anything at this point.“

Well, I hope they will, And I hope they will soon. Looking at their other tools I get the feeling they can‘t be that far from it anyway. They have many of the crucial „other“ things in place (outlining, doing graphics) so adding „project logic“ is the missing step.

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