Salling Clicker Rulez!

This is really the week of new tools for me. Just threw out 10 Euros to buy the it-is-so-super-cool tool Salling Clicker.

What it does? It binds your Sony-Ericsson phone to your Mac in a very cool way. Small scripts (actually AppleScripts) get activated on the press of a button on your phone controlling basically everything: your presentation software, your music player, you name it.

But that‘s not all: it also loads new menus into the phone making this a very interactive experience. The phone can request the currently playing track, control the volume with the slider button and and and. It is endless. I agree with many others that this is really a killer application. And it is great fun. Can‘t wait to do my next presentation using this new and super cheap tool. Congratulations! This is how Macintosh software should have all along.