Mac OS X Server sucks

Just trying to set up a Mac OS X Server system. Everything is just the „standard way“ but the system is not letting me log into my client computers. Why? Because „I am not authorized to log into this computer“. Aha. „Consult your system administrator“. Aha. I am the system administrator. And I haven‘t a clue.

The documentation on Mac OS X Server is for idiots. Everything is explained step by step. But it is not for experts who be so happy if Apple could just explain how their system works. But no, sure, I wouldn‘t understand it anyway. Sure. Thanks, Apple. Thanks for keeping me stupid.

[UPDATE] Actually, it is the documentation that sucks. Once OS X Server is in place it works like a charm :-)

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  1. ok, after i odn’t know how long of trying to figure out how the OSX server runs and the added bonus of spending the same amount of time looking for somethign on the net to explain what apple have managed somehow perfectly to avoid. i find a post which allows me the possiblity of hope. Now i’m wondering if you could possible explain to me how it works cause i still don’t have a clue and runnig FTP would be canni handy. even some explanatary link would be wonder



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